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Henlo, frens!
DeFi Frens is a deflationary, cross-chain NFT collection based on Apu Apustaja, the renowned cartoon frog.

It intends to utilize Chainlink’s Oracles to create a truly trust-less and cross-chain DAO based around NFTs, with the goal of avoiding some of DeFi’s all-too-common pitfalls, such as an over-reliance on public personalities and influencers, as well as unsustainable yield mechanics, while at the same time offering high quality art, both digital and physical, to its community.

Read our Whitepaper, and become one of our frens on discord and/or twitter.
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NFTs are defined as “Non-Fungible Tokens”, a one of a kind “trading card” stored on a specific blockchain, in our case Avalanche. Unlike any normal currency, NFTs are completely unique, and the value varies based on the rarity of that specific NFT. Pretty much anything can be turned into an NFT, be it a piece of art meant to be used as a unique profile picture, a special piece of music, a video, a 3D model, the possibilities are endless as to what can be encoded onto the token. Many privately hosted collections coud have the files associated with the NFT swapped at any moment. Our DeFi Frens, however, will be hosted on IPFS and our contract won't contain any function that would allow to change the associated metadata.

Our Frens were all hand-drawn by a single artist, with extensive professional experience outside the blockchain world. For the moment, they wish to remain anonymous.

The minting price will be 2 AVAX for our whitelisted frens and 3 AVAX for the post-whitelist mint.

Our Tarot Side Collection is comprised of 78 special, tarot-inspired NFTs.
Owning at least 1 of these Tarot-based NFTs will grant you the opportunity to receive, free of charge, a physical copy of the entire deck, together with a hand-sewn container.

Since our main community is on Discord, we encourage you to ask the frens there for any doubt or concern, but you can always contact us personally on Twitter and Telegram or you can send an e-mail to defifrens@tutanota.com.